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1 pair Black Car Rearview Mirror Rainproof Eyebrow Cover flexible PVC rain blade rain cover for Renault Twingo Clio Captur etc.

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100% Brand New 3M Self-Adhesive (Makes it easy to install) Flexible for curves and bumps Adds a special touch to your ride Helps prevent smogs on your side view mirror.
This pack contains 1 piece left and 1 piece right. The deflectors must be applied from the interior of the mirror housing in the gap between the housing and the mirror glass.
Installation steps: Take the product out of the package, cut off the stickers (left and right) with scissors, wipe the rain-proof eyebrow mask (to prevent dust from generating air bubbles on the eyebrow mask, which affects the appearance), tear off the sticker and stick it on Rain eyebrow hood (left and right).In cold weather,if necessary,heat the deflectors using a hair drier(or other heat source)making the plastic soft for easy bending Prior to fitting,clean surface with alcohol and a dry cloth Remove the protective film from the adhesive and apply to the wanted position Press firmly to ensure a good grip of the adhesive.
Material: PVC
Dimensions:50 x170 mm.
Package included: 2 x Car Rearview Mirror Rain Visor.

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