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Batch 2 Coils’s organic cotton thread India for depilation’s rose eyebrows, 300 m each coil

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Vardhman-Thread organic cotton for rose eyebrows, thread Green 40-made in India, for depilation’s rose eyebrows, reel’s 300m, Thread strength tkt40 for depilation’s rose eyebrows, upper lip, chin, side and other areas small. Antibacterial, antifungal, thread organic tissue. 1 reel: 300m approx. 23g/m2. Quantity: 2 Coils manufactured with organic cotton. Thread pleasant for the skin, not be used Products Chemistry ni harmful substances. The dyes or used are GOTS Certified Products Chemistry (standard organic textile fabric overall). Ideal for beauticians fastening the thread with the mouth while enhebran. The thread has a dye bass impact GOTS certified (green cake distinct in a reel Green). This Swatch to thy customer that you are using a product organic sustainable in spot from a standard thread. High strength, extra long. Manufactured with raw cotton long to ensure less breakage, has a uniform structure to provide strength, extensibility and soft on the skin.

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